Cookbook Review: The Newlyweds’ Cookbook

I just got married in May of this year, and I thought The Newlyweds’ Cookbook would be a great place to start trying out some new meals for myself and my husband. Here is my Newlyweds Cookbook review!

Warning: This is NOT the book for you if you are looking for something fast or easy. Do not attempt if you are a kitchen novice.

Newlyweds Cookbook Review by the Food Marriage Blog.

It is, however, a cookbook that you may love if you truly have a lot of time on your hands and enjoy making things from scratch.  I can also say it definitely makes for great kitchen decor!!! I always have it displayed on my cookbook stand in the kitchen!

The one meal I tried was from page 63, called the ‘Chicken “Panini” with Mozzerella’. The name was deceiving…it actually was not a panini, as most people would imagine to be a grilled sandwich. These were basically chicken breasts that were cut partially in half and stuffed with basil, garlic, and mozzarella.  Sounds simple, right?? Not until you get to the part where they direct you to a different page in the book (very confusing) to make a ‘Salsa Rossa’ – and had me make the sauce from scratch with tomatoes, a bell pepper, and lots of seasoning.

The sauce took me forever, created a big mess in the kitchen, and by the time I finished I was starving! But when I plated the food, with the chicken on top of the sauce, it did look amazing!  Almost as beautiful as the picture in the book!

So yes, in the end I did feel accomplished….but next time I may just make the chicken without the sauce. And it may also be a long time before I try another recipe from this book again! Let me know if you have made anything from this cookbook before!


xoxo, Food Marriage