Dessert Recipe: How to Make a Trifle

The trick to a trifle is the layering of tasty ingredients and being sure to have a clear trifle bowl to be able to see all of the layers!  You can make ingredients from scratch or if you are looking for a faster way to assemble your masterpiece, you can throw in some store bought versions and it’s still semi-homemade!

You can really layer any type of ingredients to make this delectable dessert but here’s what was used in this particular version:

  • Layer 1: Pound Cake
  • Layer 2: Strawberries
  • Layer 3: Cool Whip
  • Layer 4: Brownies
  • Layer 5: Chocolate Mousse
  • Layer 6: Pound Cake
  • Layer 7: Strawberries
  • Layer 8: Cool Whip
  • Topping: Shaved Chocolate



  • Box of chocolate mousse mix
  • 16 oz container of Cool Whip
  • 2 Entenmann’s Pound Cakes (or you can bake your own with your favorite pound cake recipe)
  • 2 containers of sliced Frozen Strawberries in Sugar/Syrup
  • 1 pan of brownies (bake your own or buy from your grocery store’s bakery)
  • Bar of Chocolate
  • Follow the ingredients on the chocolate mousse mix.  You will want to do this in advance as it will need to set in the refrigerator for about two hours before using it in the trifle.
  • Bake your brownies and pound cake and let cool, or get your store-bought versions out.
  • Cut the brownies and pound cake into bite-sized squares.
  • Start layering the ingredients in the order listed above.
  • Once the final layer of cool whip is on, take a carrot peeler and shave chocolate from a bar of chocolate onto the top as a decorative finish!
  • Keep chilled in the refrigerator until serving.
  • It is easiest to serve with a large serving spoon.
This is an easy dessert to make and looks really impressive!!  And with this dessert, you can really let your imagination run wild!  Try layering different favorite ingredients to mix up different combinations of desserts.  Yum!!

xoxo, Food Marriage


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