Drink Recipe: Hot Chocolate with Butterscotch Liqueur

First of all, it’s snowing in Pennsylvania today.  Snow in October.  Not Normal.

We haven’t had to turn our heater on at all yet this fall because it’s only gotten slightly chilly at night.  But now it is full blown snowing today.  Time for the heater!!!  So now I have the heater on, sweatpants, and socks and I’m STILL chilly.  And, sadly, the flowers on my porch will definitely be dead after today…

What’s a great way to warm up on a day like today?  Hot Chocolate with Butterscotch Flavored Liqueur! Mmmmmmm!  I came up with this recipe back when I was in college.  They made Snow Days in West Chester even more fun!


  • Water
  • Hot Chocolate Mix
  • DeKuyper’s ButterShots Liqueur
  • Place hot chocolate mix into a mug.
  • Boil water in the stove in a pot or teapot.
  • Once boiled, add water into your mug.  Do not fill all the way.
  • Stir up until mix is blended with the water.
  • Add a shot of DeKuyper’s ButterShots Liqueur and stir again.
Enjoy this fantastically warming alcoholic beverage.  Its chocolate and butterscotch flavor will make you feel warm and cozy and is perfect for a day like today!

xoxo, Food Marriage


  1. Try adding milk instead of water for a thicker consistency!

  2. Great idea!! So do you boil the milk then?