Restaurant Review: Riggtown Oven in West Chester, PA

My husband and I met through mutual friends on a beautiful spring day in college back in 2005 at West Chester University in West Chester, PA.  It was one of the first warm days of the year and everyone was outside.  (We were actually next door neighbors all year but did not really meet until the spring!)  I was walking home from class one day with my roommate and the neighbors were barbecuing, hanging out on the porch, and playing football in the yard.  My roommate said, “Hey- let’s go over to Pat’s house!”  Pat and I had met once in passing, so we both knew who each other were, but we had never really hung out before.  I, being the studious person I was, did not want to go because I had homework to do.

My roommate said, “Come on, you can do your homework later.  You should go…Pat likes you.”  I didn’t believe her.  She said, “Well, I think you should go, he said he’s gonna marry you.”

It made me stop and think for a split second.  I considered it and thought, what the heck?  One afternoon with the neighbors couldn’t be that bad.  The homework could wait.  Now, I didn’t really think about think about the marrying comment again.  And, I’m sure when Pat said it to my roommate, he was probably joking at the time.  But that comment was what made me go over there that day.  And that one afternoon of hanging out with Pat lead to many more days together.  Within a very short time, we were dating, and have been together ever since!

The reason I bring up this story is because we recently visited West Chester again this time last fall for our engagement pictures.  We went back because the town held so many great memories for us.  And where in West Chester were our favorite memories made?  Of course at the bars and restaurants that were the centerpiece of college life!  We walked through town and visited places like Kildare’s Irish Pub, where we stopped not only for photos, but also a few drinks!

We also went back to one of our FAVORITE pizza places ever…Riggtown Pizza!  The official name is Riggtown Oven, but I don’t think anyone ever called it that.  It was just plain old “Riggtown” to us.  It is on the corner of Matlack Street and Nields Street, tucked back into the residential area of town, closer to where the college is.  They obviously specialize in pizza, but have other offerings on their menu like cheesesteaks and hoagies.  During our last year of college, my husband was lucky enough to live directly across the street!!

People used to literally line the streets for the deal of $1 slices after midnight.  Riggtown was a landmark, a meeting place, and a place to grab the most amazing slices of pizza you ever had in your life.  If you’re looking for a sit-down restaurant, this is not it.  There are a couple benches right inside the door, but other than that, you just grab a slice and sit on the curb outside or walk down the street while you eat your pizza.

And what is Riggtown most known for!?  HONEY MUSTARD CHICKEN PIZZA!  It may sound weird or different if you’ve never had it…but I guarantee you if you make the trip there, you will agree it is the most delicious pizza you have ever tasted!  They honey mustard is sweet and savory and pairs well with the chicken tender pieces on top of the pizza along with the mozzarella cheese.  If you’ve never been to Riggtown before…what are you waiting for!?


xoxo, Food Marriage


  1. Lovely story on how you two got together. As far as the Riggtown Oven, I have never been to PA, but that pizza sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing your story and restaurant review-it was an enjoyable read.

  2. Glad you liked the story and thank you for reading!!

  3. I agree, riggtown is fantastic, its hands down the best pizza. Every time I go to West Chester, riggtown is always a stop, especially late at night. My favorites are the buffalo chicken and the BBQ chicken, but next time i’ll try the honey mustard chicken.

  4. Oooh! The BBQ Chicken and Buffalo Chicken are also good choices!! Definitely try the honey mustard when you go back next time! (You may want a whole pie and not just one slice)… :-)