Review of the 2011 TASTE Philadelphia Festival of Food, Wine and Spirits

My mom and I went to the 2011 TASTE Philadelphia Festival of Food, Wine and Spirits today.  Overall, it was not what I had expected.  I hate to start with the negative first, but to begin, there was about an hour wait in a very long line to get in (If you ever go to an event like this, I highly recommend buying tickets in advance and you can get through much quicker).  They advertised tickets at the door for $40, but ended up selling them to us at $35, which was nice.  But I do not think it was worth the money.  I would have much rather gone to a private wine tasting or even just out to a nice dinner!

The event today ran all day from 11:00am – 7:00pm.  We got there around 1:30pm and we were disappointed to see that many of the restaurants that were exhibiting had already ran out of all of their food and some of the stations were even abandoned and vacant!  In addition, the crowds were tremendous and you literally had to inch along from station to station…it was like herding cattle!

Despite the negative aspects, there was a pretty large area for beer, wine, and liquor tasting and I did find some new things I had either never tasted before or never seen before!  I also saw quite a few familiar things, which I also got to sample again, like Alouette Cheese.  I’ve had their spreadable cheeses many times before, but never tried their Brie Cheese, which was great!

I sampled the familiar Cupcake Vineyards wine.  I’ve bought their Malbec wine several times in the past, but got to sample a new flavor today, Red Velvet!

Pinnacle Vodka has a few new flavors out this year that I got to try!  I tried the Gummy Flavor which had a big swedish fish on the outside of the bottle.  The gummy flavor was a little too sweet even for my taste, and I usually love sweet things.  There is also a new Marshmallow Flavor as well as a Cake Flavor!!  The Cake Flavored Vodka was delicious!!!  When standing in line for a sample, the woman in front of us says that she mixes the Cake Flavor with pineapple juice and a little club soda for a yummy Pineapple Cake drink!

I tried out a Spanish liqueur called 43, or in Spanish “Cuarenta y Tres.”  I sampled it in a glass with heavy cream poured on top (something I would have never thought of) and it was called a “Mini Beer,” because of the way the cream looks like the foam on top of a beer.

Another really cool thing that I have never seen anywhere before is wine in paint cans!  Kind of odd, but might be cool for a party or a housewarming gift!

The best exhibitor in my opinion, was a company called Full Spirited Flavours.  The motto on their website is “Life is short – so we offer dessesrt first!”  They are locally based, out of Lionville, PA and specialize in cakes made with different liqueurs!  You can buy their products via website or through some local bakeries and restaurants that they distribute to.  I purchased a variety pack of 16 mini assorted cakes in the flavors of: Amaretto, Limoncello, Chocolate Razz, and Mango Coconut Rum.  They are all delicious the the Mango Coconut Rum cake is reminiscent of sitting on a beach somewhere far away with a frozen drink in your hand!

While it was nice to try something new and go to an event that I had never been to before, I don’t think I would go again.  I think I would rather get a recommendation from someone and check out a new restaurant I have never been to before and spend my money there.


xoxo, Food Marriage