Bridal Shower Gift Idea for the Beer Lover!

If you’re recently married like me, you’re probably around the age where all your friends are starting to get married, too.  Half of your weekends through the rest of the year are already booked, not only with bridal showers and weddings, but the all of the baby showers that come after the weddings.  And I’m sure your refrigerator door is a patchwork quilt of various save the dates just like mine…

With all the events coming up, it’s getting harder and harder to give a unique gift.  So here’s my advice…you don’t always have to go off the registry!!  Sure you know that they want all the things on the registry, but it’s also fun to give something that is unexpected!!  Think about something that the couple loves, and run with it!!

In the case of a shower I went to this evening, the couple loves different types of beers.  (Me, I’m a Miller Lite gal….but they like anything and everything with a funny name, a cool label, or of course a fabulous taste).  So I did some searching and found a really neat coffee table book at Barnes and Noble.

It’s called Beers of the World by David Kenning and shares over 350 different beers from around the world, complete with pictures of each beer and details about the beer style and flavors!  (It outlines alcohol content too, in case you are curious).  And there are different highlights of different breweries, the history behind them, and some really interesting facts!

I gave them the book, and it was a huge hit!! If you’re feeling really creative or have a few people going in on the gift, it can pair well with some beer mugs or you can even put it together with a basket of different types of beers!



xoxo, Food Marriage