Diaper Cake: Adorable Baby Shower Gift!

My sister-in-law just had her baby shower this past weekend (they are expecting their first child!)  SO that also will make me an aunt for the first time when the little one arrives!!!!!  Needless to say, I am very excited about this so when it came time for a gift for the shower, I knew I couldn’t just get a typical gift off the registry.

Front of the cake!

My mom and I decided to go in on a present together and make a diaper cake!!  When my younger brother first heard I was making a diaper cake, he asked if he could try a piece.  (Of course – he figured I have a food blog and I said I was making a cake, so he assumed it was something edible).  A diaper cake is actually created from diapers and is made up to look like a tiered cake!  You can pick a theme and run with it…I decided to go with a Duckie Theme!!!!

Cake Topper!

First you’ll need to go shopping to gather your “ingredients.”  Some major ingredients include: a sturdy pizza pan for the base, diapers, receiving blankets, bottles, burp cloths, diaper pins (or safety pins), ribbon, and then anything else you would like to decorate the cake with!  Things like rattles, teething rings, socks, bibs, onesies, spoons, little soaps or powder, thermometer, pacifiers, wash cloths, clothes, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Diaper Cake Ingredients

Once you have all the ingredients you need, you will start rolling diapers up and securing each one individually with a small rubber band.  Once you have a bunch rolled, you can start putting together sections of rolled diapers together with larger rubber bands.  You can place a bottle in the middle (a couple bottles stacked on top of each other will hold the tiers together) and you can use a couple receiving blankets to wrap around and secure with diaper pins.

Beginning of the first tier.

Once you have an entire tier together, you can also pull out a few of the diapers and hide other things within the cake in place of some of the diapers.  For example, I rolled up some little pants and some little sleepers and hid them in the middle of the cake!  It’s a fun surprise when the mom-to-be opens up the cake and finds even more inside!!  Once you have all of your hidden surprise ingredients inside, you will cover the top of the layer with burp cloths and tuck into the sides (this way you won’t see any of the diapers as you continue to add tiers onto the cake.  The cake I made was a four-tiered cake.

Once you have made all your tiers and all are covered with their receiving blanket/burp cloth icing, now is the fun part- the cake decorating!!!

I <3 my Auntie Bib that I couldn't resist adding to the cake!

I first tied large ribbons around each tier (and actually secured them with glue dots). I put thick ribbons around the bottom of each tier, which was great for tucking things inside like lotion, soap, powder, and things of the like.  I also tied thinner small ribbons around the top of each tier, which allowed me to tie other things to hang off the cake like, pacifiers.  Enjoy some additional views of the completed Duckie Diaper Cake!!

Side View – my favorite part on this side are
the little feet hanging out from one of the

Back View of the cake

Adorable onesie tucked into the cake.

Other side view…teethers, spoons,
onesies, socks, and duckies galore!

Watch out little one on your way….you may get spoiled by your auntie!!!!!


xoxo, Food Marriage


  1. Best Present Ever, Its so fun to open because you dont know what is inside! Everything in the “cake,” was exactly what I need, I loved the Duckie theme too! Thanks again Aunt BA!

  2. Peg Haggerty says:

    I totally agree – best present and so much thought and effort put into it.

    Peg Haggerty –

  3. Your duck cake is just adorable. I like how you used items that had a lighter color to go with the diaper cake.

    • Thank you so much, Leah! It was really fun to make (and shop for the items)! Now I can’t wait for someone else to have a baby so I can make another one! I clicked on your name, Leah, and went to your eDiaper Cake Website! You have some AMAZING ideas as well. What a fun business to get into!