Restaurant Review: Pistachio Grille in Maple Glen, PA

First, my apologies for lacking in the kitchen this week and not coming up with loads of great new recipes.  I’ve sort of been living the life this week and went out to dinner two nights in a row.  Restaurant reviews are always good too, I suppose!

My husband called me up as I was driving home from work last night and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner.  Of course I did because I had NO idea what I would be cooking for dinner anyway!  We decided to go to Pistachio Grille – their website says they are in Ambler, but realistically they are more so located in Maple Glen, PA.  Perfect for a spur of the moment date night!!

I had driven past this place literally hundreds of times and never knew what type of restaurant it was and never heard of anyone going to it, so I never ventured in.  Then recently, my sister-in-law said she and her husband went there and they loved it!!  It’s a great little BYOB that you would never expect to be tucked into the suburbs.  They have amazing gourmet menu offerings for dinner, and they are surprisingly open for breakfast and lunch too!!

My husband ordered the Chicken Parm….what a surprise, but he said it was great!  I chose the Seared Chicken Breast with fresh herbs, garlic oil and hickory salt topped with tomato basil salad and citrus.  It came with a side of roasted fresh and seasonal vegetables.  While we went with some fairly safe options, they had an array of specials to choose from like Pistachio Crusted Salmon and Duck Ravioli!

The restaurant had an intimate, romantic feel to it with candles lit on every table and older-time music playing in the background.  And when our bill came, they served us a small plate of pistachios!  Great way to finish off the evening and such a cute touch to go along with the name of the restaurant!  We would definitely visit there again.


xoxo, Food Marriage


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