Game Day Appetizer Recipe: Goat Cheese Log

Many of my recipes tend to revolve around cheese, because I’m literally obsessed with it.  Recently, I have attended a couple get togethers where goat cheese logs were served as appetizers and I fell in love with them!  I found that you can buy them pre-made with different toppings or you can make your own.  Today’s game day recipe feature will highlight a store-bought version and a homemade version….and I still can’t decide which I like better!

For a store bought version, one that I highly recommend is from Trader Joe’s.  The one I recently bought was a cranberry goat cheese log (pictured below), but I have also tried their blueberry and vanilla goat cheese log which was also delicious.

Trader Joe’s Cranberry Goat Cheese Log

Then for my own personal version, I bought a plain goat cheese log as well as purchased one of Trader Joe’s Preserves.  You can choose any type of preserves to do this with.  I picked the Fresh Northwest Blackberry Preserves.  All you do is place your plain goat cheese log onto a plate and then spread the preserves on top of the log.

Goat Cheese Log with Blackberry Preserves

Serve with your favorite crackers and glass of wine.  These go great on Game Day (and in front of a cozy fire!!)


xoxo, Food Marriage


  1. Great idea to cover the log! Makes it much easier to enjoy.

  2. Thanks Kevin! It was delicious – you will have to try it this way sometime!! What types of preserves have you tried with it?