Restaurant Review: From The Boot – Ambler, PA

Ambler, PA is such a cute little town to visit.  It’s only about 10 minutes away from where my husband and I live, so we like to go there often.  They have a cute old-fashioned downtown street, complete with bars, restaurants, shops, and an old-time movie theatre!

This time I met a couple girlfriends there for dinner, Liz and Kara.  And boy do I wish I had my camera with me this time!!!!  Snow was falling lightly and it just added to the charm of the town.  I parked in a lot and then walked a couple blocks up to the restaurant.  And even though it was freezing, it was a beautiful night out. As we were walking into the restaurant, a lady walking in at the same time exclaimed, “Wow – I  feel like I just stepped into the movie, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life!’ – the snow is falling – the little movie theater is right there….this is great!”

We decided to go a great Italian place, From the Boot.  This restaurant actually has two locations – one here in Ambler and one in Lafayette Hill.  So you can enjoy their delicious food at either location!  There was about at 25 minute wait on a Thursday evening, but we had no problem waiting at the bar and indulging in some wine.  (The were out of the Malbec that I ordered, but they solved that problem quickly by getting me a Pinot Noir).

Once we were seated, we looked at the menu and decided on fried calamari for an appetizer.  Now,  if you have been reading the blog, you may have noticed I haven’t done any seafood recipes…I’m not especially a seafood fan.  The idea of fried SQUID actually scares me.  However, one of the things about me is that I will always try new things.  And even if I have tried something in the past that I didn’t like I will always try it again just to see if my taste has changed.  This was the best calamari I have ever eaten!!  It was delicious and instead of just popping one into my mouth to try, I scooped a bunch more onto my appetizer plate to enjoy!

For dinner, the bowls that they brought out were pretty large.  It was hard to stop ourselves from overeating because it tasted so good!  Liz and I got the same thing – the Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce (I added chicken to mine and she did not).  Both of ours were fabulous…you can’t go wrong with amazing vodka sauce!!  Kara got the Penne Pollo Rosa – Penne Pasta with sauteed chicken, vegetables, and rosa sauce.  Hers was delicious as well, but also came with mushrooms, which she was unaware of.  She doesn’t like mushrooms so had to pick through that, but otherwise enjoyed it quite thoroughly!  (Advice: if a menu says vegetables – just ask quickly if vegetables includes mushrooms to save yourself some hassle)

Overall, I would say From the Boot gets thumbs up from me!  I would definitely go back there again and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a hearty Italian meal, some wine, and a great time!


xoxo, Food Marriage