Date Night at The Movie Tavern in Collegeville, PA

With Valentine’s Day approaching, my husband and I decided to go on a triple date this past weekend to see the new movie, “The Vow,” starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.   It ended up being one of the most fun nights ever!  Instead of going to just your average movie theatre, we decided to check out the new Movie Tavern in Collegeville, PA.

Movie Tavern in Collegeville, PA (Picture from their website)
Wishing I took my own picture – looked so pretty lit up at night
AND when it was snowing!!!  If I go again, I’ll update this!

The Movie Tavern is one of the coolest concepts I have seen in a while.  It basically gives you the ability to do dinner and a movie all in one place!!  The Movie Tavern has about 15 locations throughout the country, with the bulk of their locations in Texas.  However, one just opened up by us in nearby Collegeville, PA!  It is easy to get to, right by routes 422 and 29, in the Providence Town Center shopping center.  They have about eight theaters inside, so there is a good variety of movies to choose from.

Basically, you plan to get to the movie about an hour before it starts, so you can get a good spot in the theater (and start ordering some drinks!).  You sit in large recliners with a little tray that comes across your lap so you can easily eat and drink.  You have your own waitress who comes around to serve you right there at your seat in the theater!  Our waitress was wonderful!  There is a little button you can push on your chair anytime you want them to come by, even during the movie!

We took the hour before the movie as sort of a cocktail hour.  The girls ordered wine and the guys ordered tremendously large beers!  When I say tremendous, I mean it!  You can buy a giant 36 ounce glass beer mug for $10, and then to fill it with beer is $8.  Then, they encourage you to bring the mug back with you when you come again and you just have to pay the refill price.

My husband and me at the Movie Tavern…
Check out that BEER!

The Movie Tavern menu was amazing and not-over priced at all.  I would say the average meal price was about $8 or $9.  And it was tasty!  We all got things like mini burgers, wraps, a fruit and cheese plate, etc. Good food that you could probably find at any regular restaurant.  And to top it off, the price of the movie tickets was not bad either!  The tickets were $10, which I think is less than the going rate at a typical theater.

While they do have a full bar and any drink options you could think of, it is not just a place for adults.  The entire row of teenage girls in front of us ordered milkshakes!  How fun…to have a milkshake while you are watching a movie!!  And if you are a parent dropping the kids off to see a movie on their own, but still want to be close by, there is an entire bar-area right in the entrance lobby!

Overall, The Movie Tavern proved to be a great spot for a date night and was a fun way to get together with friends!  Not to mention the fact that it was relaxing to sit in a comfy recliner with a glass of wine in my hand and my husband at my side while I cried my way through a romantic movie!  We will definitely be making plans to go back again soon!


xoxo, Food Marriage