Tapas Restaurant Review: Matador in Wayne, PA

I went out after work today for a happy hour with two of my girlfriends.  There’s something really special about getting together with people that have known you almost your entire life.  I was out with my friends Liz and Allison.  All three of us went to grade school together from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Then I continued on at the same high school with Liz.  And then Liz and Allison went to the same college together!  Through the years and after coming back home, getting jobs, and life in general, we try to get together every so often.  Tonight, we had the cool idea just to show up at a location and once we got there to pick which restaurant to go to.

We picked Wayne, PA as a meeting place.  #1- it was easy for all three of us to get to, and #2 there’s a plethora of restaurants to pick from all within walking distance of each other. (Bring quarters if you plan on going there….it’s all metered parking).  Once we parked, we looked around and said, “Okay!  That place looks fun!”  And we decided on Matador, a Spanish/Mexican Tapas & Tequila Bar.

The drink menu was huge with lots of drinks and tequilas to choose from.  Liz and I started out with Frozen Pomegranate Margaritas and Allison got a Guava Margarita on the Rocks.  All were delish!  If you’re looking to be a big spender, you could try out a $90 drink called the “Bizillionaire.”  I’m not sure  why it’s so expensive, but it must be the type of tequila they put in it!  Needless to say, we did NOT try out this drink.

The menu was filled with great tapas choices.  (Tapas, for anyone that is not familiar, basically means small plates of food).  So lots of little appetizers to make up a meal….my favorite thing!  We got a variety of things to share, starting with a cheese platter and chips with fresh salsa and guacamole.  They even made the guacamole right there in front of us at the table!!

Then we each got a few other things: Quesadilla con Pollo (Chicken Quesadilla), Pollo Fundido (Grilled Chicken in Tequila scented Chichuahua Cheese with Soft Tortillas), and Txangurro Piquilla (Peppers stuffed with Crab Meat).  Everything was absolutely amazing and it was fun to try new things and share them.

The service was excellent and the restaurant had an cozy and authentic Spanish feel.  I would definitely recommend Matador as a place to go for appetizers and drinks!  It was a perfect way to start the week off right with a Monday night Happy Hour….AND I still made it home in time to watch The Bachelor!


xoxo, Food Marriage