Great Rehearsal Dinner Spot: Parc Bistro in Skippack

My friend Liz is getting married tomorrow!!!!!!!!!  She and her fiance John met when we were back in high school.  They were junior prom dates….who knew a prom date would turn into forever!?  I am so happy for them!!!!!!

The barn, aka “Le Club” at Parc Bistro in Skippack

Their rehearsal dinner was last night and it was at a perfect little spot in Skippack, PA.  There is a restaurant called Parc Bistro and they describe themselves as “A little bit French, a little bit Country, a little bit Italian.”  On the same grounds, right behind the actual restaurant itself is an old barn.  I did a little research found out that the barn was built in 1822 just after the roadside inn (which is now the restaurant) was built.  The barn was renovated in 1997 and now is a great spot to host private parties!!

Outdoor Cocktails!

Our group had the whole entire barn to ourselves….so cool!  We started off with an outdoor cocktail hour right on the patio outside of the barn.  Passed hors d’oeuvres included skewered barbecue shrimp, bruschetta with prosciutto and gorgonzola cheese, and beef canapes.  Once it started to get dark, we moved inside.  The first floor of the barn had a cozy, homey feel to it with a comfy couches, a few high top tables scattered throughout, and a bar.

The bar in the barn!!

When it was time for dinner, we headed up to the second floor which had a wide open floor plan that you could customize to fit your party.  The groom picked out a set menu and our main course was fantastic!!!!  We all had a plate of some type of fabulous chicken, salmon, asparagus, and something that all of us fell in love with but no one could figure out what it was.  I finally asked the waiter what the heavenly, layered food was….he informed us that it was a thinly sliced and layered sweet potato with sweet goat cheese in between.  SO GOOD!


Dessert was just as good as our entree!  We had each had a plate with a sampling of three desserts!  It included a bittersweet chocolate cake, a fruit tart with fresh berries, and an absolutely amazing creme brulee.


The meal was so good….I definitely want to go back here and check out the restaurant some time for a date night with my husband.  If this small sampling of what we had was this good…I can only imagine what the rest of the menu looks like!  I would highly recommend this location to anyone that might be looking to host a private party for up to 100 people!  And it has really fun country decor, so you can get some great pictures!!!!

Me & The Beautiful Bride to Be!!!!

Best wishes to Liz and John from Food Marriage!!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

xoxo, Food Marriage