Wedding Cake Pops!

As you know from my previous post, my friend Liz got married yesterday!  As a fun treat before the wedding, I made her some Wedding Cake Pops!  They turned out adorable and were a great way to get excited for the rest of the day!

Wedding Cake Pops

My “How to Make Cake Pops” can be found here, but here’s what I did to make this batch extra special!

I started out with a basic white cake mix as well as vanilla flavored icing. I used mainly white candy melts and varying different sizes of lollipop sticks to get different heights. Here’s some of they ways I decorated them:

  • Before some of the candy melts hardened on the cake pops, I sprinkled some pink sugar crystals on some of them as well as some clear sugar crystals on some of the others. It gave it a little crunch and an extra sweet touch.
  • I drizzled some extra candy melt on some of the cake pops in a back and forth fashion, to create some lines and cool swirls on the cake pops (similar to what I did with my Springtime Cake Pops).  I kept the drizzles in the same white color as the pops.
  • To create an additional texture, I dipped a toothpick in the candy melt and created some raised dots on some of the pops.
  • And finally, I melted some pink candy melts, took a toothpick, and painted a pink “L” on the pops for the brides new last name of Lafferty!!!
Wedding Cake Pops!
To me, presentation is just as important as the flavor of the cake pops.  So in staying with my wedding theme, I bought a satin box that some brides use to put their cards in.  I kept the lid propped open and layered some styrofoam in the bottom to put the sticks into.  I also bought some clear glass marbles to pace on top of the styrofoam to hide it (and also give it a little more glitz!)  Lastly, I bought a sliver-colored cake topper in the shape of an “L” that was also decorated with rhinestones.  I raised it up with a little more styrofoam and then added in the cake pops!!
Me presenting the bride with her
Cake Pops!  (Note: that is not her
real dress!!!  This was before getting
Cake pops take a lot of time and focus, but they are definitely worth it especially when they are for someone special!!!!  Congratulations again, Liz!

xoxo, Food Marriage


  1. These wedding cake pops were just featured in January 2013 on the blog, “It’s a Bride’s Life with David Tutera!”

    I LOVE David Tutera…soooo exciting!!!!!!