Bridesmaid Wines

If you’re in need of a unique gift for your bridesmaids, how about some wine!?  And not just any wine….Bridesmaid Wine!  When planning my wedding, I saw this specific brand of wine advertised in a bridal magazine.  I had eight bottles of it shipped to my house immediately – seven for the girls in my wedding….and one for me to try!! (Yes, it was tasty!)

This unique brand of wine comes from the Napa Valley.  They sell a red and a white wine, and they are fabulous!  As far as I know, you can’t find them in stores, so you will have to order online and have it shipped.  Prices range based on the year of the wine.  You can purchase through their website at: 
With the Bridesmaid on the label they fit in perfectly for a gift as thanks for being in your wedding.  I also bought ornate wine stoppers with each of the girls’ initials on them to go with the wine.  They were a perfect gift for the girls!

xoxo, Food Marriage