Greeting Card Universe: Customized Cards for Any Occasion

My husband and I have a lot of special people in our life.  Aside from the bridesmaids and groomsmen, we wanted a nice way to ask other people to be a part of our Wedding Day.  We were able to do this by ordering cards from Greeting Card Universe where you can really find any card imaginable!

My youngest brother and one of his best friends were Altar Servers at our Mass.  Greeting Card Universe has over 200 different cards to choose from just to ask someone to be your Altar Server!  Both of our godmothers brought up the gifts at Mass, and we found beautiful cards with a white rose on the front and simply said “Godmother.”  We then were able to completely customize the inside of the card to write our own kind words to these wonderful women and how we would like them to bring up the gifts at our Wedding Mass. And for the cousins and aunt that we asked to read that day, we had over 190 cards to choose from to ask them to Be Our Reader.

One of the cards we selected.

Warning: You may spend hours on this website.  It can get a little overwhelming with all the choices you have to pick from, but in the end, I guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for in any card you need for any occasion.  From birthdays and graduations to different announcements and the holidays, you will find the perfect card here!!


xoxo, Food Marriage