Sports Themed Groomsmen Gifts

The cufflinks, monogrammed flask, and the money clip are so overdone.  Why not do something a little more exciting for your groomsmen?  A gift that they will really appreciate and get some good use out of!

For our wedding last year, my husband got his groomsmen a sports-themed gift!  We live in the Philadelphia area, and the Phillies are most definitely the centerpiece and the epitome of a perfect summer afternoon.  Just the thought of dollar dog night at the stadium gets people excited!  Watching baseball, and of course tailgating lot in the parking are a great way to get together with friends and family.
To compliment this great American pastime and this Phantastic Philadelphia tradition, my husband got his groomsmen Phillies tailgate chairs and cooler bags!  The chairs are complete with cup holders in the arms of the chair and fold up neatly into the back of your car.  The coolers are lightweight bags that can fit up to 12 cans of beer.  They also fold up nicely when you are done and aren’t big and bulky like a typical cooler.
Brother of the Groom with his Cooler
Bag!  He’s ready for some fun!

You can buy these products almost anywhere, but I helped my husband do some research before shopping.  When you have a large family and a lot of friends, you end up with a large group of groomsmen.  When buying for 10 guys, it’s good to TRY to be economical!  The best deal I found on the chairs were the Major League Baseball Deluxe Chairs, which can be customized to almost any MLB team, at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I chose to buy them here, because I could also use up all of my 20% off coupons for the store, which lowered the price dramatically for this quantity!  The cooler bags can really be found anywhere (just google search “Phillies Cooler Bags”).  I just happened to find the best deal online at Boscov’s at the time.

My husband and some of his groomsmen…
loving their Phillies Chairs and Coolers!
Let’s Go Phillies!!!!!!

xoxo, Food Marriage


  1. Looks like they are enjoying their coolers and chairs! Go Phillies indeed! thanks for sharing your blog BA! Good luck!