Cute Saying for Bridal Shower Cake Pops!

My friend, Allison, knows that I have a newfound obsession with Cake Pops.  So when making cake pops for a bridal shower for another friend of hers, she recruited me to help out with the decorating.  I was more than happy to join in the fun!  She chose the bride’s favorite color of purple and the groom’s favorite color of lime green to create a whimsical display in a purple basket.

Bridal Shower Cake Pops
(Picture taken before the display was finished…she added
some white pops in, too!)

We created a variety of different designs including ones with sugar crystals, ones drizzled candy melts in different colors, and ones decorated with the couple’s initial.  My favorite part of the Bridal Shower Cake Pops was the saying that Allison came up with for them! She made a decorative sign to place by the cake pops:

Timmy popped the question
Nat said, “YES!!!!!”
We are having a celebration
Thanks for being our guest!
Please take two cake pops as your party favor.
Purple = Chocolate
Green= Vanilla
White = Strawberry
How CUTE is that!?!?  And I loved her idea of of coordinating the flavor of the cake inside with a specific candy coating color.  That way, for example, if someone didn’t like chocolate, they could instead opt for a vanilla or strawberry cake pop!  I love it!!

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xoxo, Food Marriage


  1. Yay! I made the blog. Thanks again for your help. They were a big hit!