Dinner at The Central Park Boathouse

While in New York City this year, my mom, sister, aunt, and I decided to do dinner at The Central Park Boathouse!  Again, a place I am familiar with from the movies!!!  In another great wedding movie, 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane, has always dreamed of getting married at the Central Park Boathouse just like her parents did years ago.  She is devastated when her younger sister, Tess, gets engaged to Jane’s boss (who Jane had a crush on) and on a whim decides that it is all of a sudden HER dream to get married at the boathouse.

Dinner at the Central Park Boathouse…
check out that view!!
The movie shows a beautiful scene of the boathouse from across the lake while the sisters are walking through the park.  And then again, you get to see a peek inside the restaurant when Jane is meeting her sister’s fiance to help pick out the wedding menu.  We sat in the same area of the restaurant where this scene took place!!
My entree – Duck Breast with Strawberry Rhubarb
Compote and served with Polenta and Spinach
It may be a touristy spot to go in the city, but we loved it!  It was fun to get dressed up and walk through the park on a pleasant evening to get to the restaurant.  And it felt like we were on a nice country vacation by the lake, instead of in the city that never sleeps!  I thought their menu had a great selection and the presentation of the food was so appetizing!  My entree was a Duck Breast with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote and served with polenta and spinach.  Additional food that was sampled at our table included jumbo lump crab cakes, risotto, and beautiful white and green asparagus!
Beautiful White & Green Asparagus
We definitely enjoyed our dinner at the boathouse!  And here’s a great tip if you visit the boathouse…when you finish your dinner, there is a shuttle bus that will run from the restaurant to take you through the park and out to one of the major roads.  That way you don’t have to walk through the park at night!  We took advantage of this shuttle out of the park and then caught a cab back to our hotel from there.  It was a great experience!

xoxo, Food Marriage