BYOB Thai Restaurant in Horsham: Kinnaree

To celebrate one year of last week, my husband and I went out to dinner.  I decided to be adventurous and try something completely new – a Thai/French fusion BYOB!  The restaurant we chose is called Kinnaree and is located in Horsham, PA. When I emailed my husband, Pat, the menu earlier in the day, he quickly said, “Can we go somewhere else??” As a picky eater, he thought the food looked funny.  I let him know that on any other day, we could go somewhere else, but to celebrate one year of Food Marriage, we had to be adventurous!

Kinnaree is a place you might miss if you didn’t know it was there.  It is tucked into a little corner of a shopping center.  The only reason I knew it was there is because it is right next to a frozen yogurt place that we love.  Reviews I read commented that Kinnaree can get busy and reservations are recommended on the weekends, but when we went last Wednesday evening, there was literally no one else in the restaurant.  We were the only customers of the night.  So yes, it was a little awkward to be the only ones in the whole place and it did make me question their reputation if no one else was there.  But we got top notch service and the food came out quickly because we were the only ones they were cooking for!!

They have a fairly large menu for a smaller restaurant.  We started off with Chicken Satay and some Edamame for appetizers.  The chicken satay had a little too much peanut sauce on it, but if you shook some of it off, it was really good.  (Pat liked both appetizers!!)

For dinner, I got Chicken Pad Thai, which I had never had before.  It was delicious!!!!!  I tried pointing out the Grilled Beef Tenderloin to Pat….showing him the “normal entree” on the menu amongst other more exotic choices.  But to my surprise, he picked out the Thai Chicken Pasta (kra-pao style).  He was being SOOO adventurous!  And while he picked through a few things on the plate, he ended up eating almost the whole thing!!!!!!

It was really nice to celebrate my accomplishments with Food Marriage, even if it meant being in a restaurant all by ourselves, and listening to some of the funny background music they played, like The Wizard of Oz theme song….hahaha!

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xoxo, Food Marriage


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