Merry Christmas from the Haggerty’s!

Merry Christmas from the Haggerty’s!

It was a White Christmas here in Pennsylvania last night!!  We walked out of Church and it was snowing!  It was so magical.  Sadly, when we woke up this morning it was mostly melted.  But at least we got some fun pictures in the snow last night!

Today, we woke up and I put Christmas music on again right away!  I love this time of year!!
Our Tree
And of course, we have our traditional bayberry taper candles burning on our dining room table for Christmas Day!
“A bayberry candle
burned to the socket,
puts luck in the home,
food in the larder,
and gold in the pocket.”
We are wishing all of our family, friends, and of course the Food Marriage fans and followers a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

xoxo, Food Marriage

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