Wedding Wednesday: Seating List Instead of Place Cards

One of the ideas that Pat and I used for our wedding was having a Seating List instead of Place Cards.   We had it printed up with our guests’ names in alphabetical order to let them know which tables they would be seated at.  We kept with our theme of using a monogram “H” like we did with our invitations and our wedding cake.  We then had it framed in a beautiful gold frame and set it on a wrought-iron stand displayed next to the gift table.

What I love about the seating list idea is that your guests don’t have to pick up a card or an object that they have to carry around with them.  This is especially helpful during cocktail hour when one usually has a drink in one hand and something to eat in the other hand! The seating list can be very elegant and helps add to the decor and theme of your wedding!  An added plus is that you have a nice keepsake afterwards!!

What do you think of the seating list idea?  Do you like it or do you prefer more traditional place cards?


xoxo, Food Marriage