Wedding Wednesday: Naming your Tables at the Reception

Here’s a really fun idea that I have been meaning to share with everyone for a while now (feel free to steal the idea)!  For our wedding two years ago, my husband and I decided to name our tables instead of just having the traditional table numbers.  Originally, we thought we wanted to keep with one specific theme – like favorite bars/restaurants in the college town that we met in.  However, we couldn’t think of enough in one specific category to add up to 21 tables!  So we expanded it to places that have a special meaning to us!

Wedding Table Name Idea Riviera Maya @FoodMarriage

The table that we specifically sat at was the name of the street that we were going to live in as a married couple.  And then some of our immediate family members sat at tables named after the different streets that we both grew up on.  We added in the town we met in (yay West Chester!), as well as some favorite vacation spots, and the destination of our honeymoon.   We tossed in a few favorite restaurants and the grade schools and high schools we both attended.  It was a really nice way to touch on all aspects of our life from young children on up, and of course incorporating pieces of where we met as well as where we are going in our future. vsz

Wedding Table Name Idea OLGC @FoodMarriage

Because the reception location required table numbers in order for their servers to know where to take the food to, we actually did a combination of the table names and the numbers.  I purchased metal table number stands from – they have a variety of different sizes to choose from!  They have 2 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, or 18 inch stands.  I got the short 2 inch stands as well as another slightly taller one to have varying heights on the tables.  I took plain white paper and printed the name of the table in a large font.  I then took an index-card sized piece of white paper, included the table number, and wrote up a little description about the table name and what it meant to us.  I then backed each of the printouts on heavy card stock in the coordinating colors of my wedding.  (Use spray glue – it works great!)

Wedding Table Name Idea Walnut Street @FoodMarriage

I hope you enjoy these pictures highlighting a few examples of some of our table names and how we displayed them.  What do you think of this idea!?

Wedding Table Name Idea Visitation BVM @FoodMarriage


xoxo, Food Marriage


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