Wedding Wednesday: Gift Idea for the Traveler

A few months ago, I asked my friend Nicole if she would prefer a gift or money for her upcoming wedding.  First, she said money.  But then she changed her mind and said, “From you?  Definitely a gift!”  She knows she can count on me to give unique presents.  With her wedding still about a month away, I still have time to come up with a creative wedding gift.  But in the meantime, I came up with a fun gift idea for her bridal shower.

Map Collage Frame Gift Idea @FoodMarriage

Nicole and her fiancé LOVE to travel (he actually proposed to her in South Korea!), so I created a collage frame to showcase all of the places they have been together!  I purchased a frame with 12 smaller 2″x3″ openings and then one larger 4″x6″ opening.  It was actually a frame that is meant to display 12 years of school photos and then a graduation picture in the largest opening.

Morgantown PA Map Collage Frame @FoodMarriage

I searched for different maps online: Cancun, Los Angeles and San Diego, San Francisco, Paris, Prague, Munich, Madrid, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Macchu Picchu in Peru, South Korea, and Hong Kong.  I printed the maps and cut them to fit in the frame.  Not all of the maps looked alike – some were a little cartoony with little drawings of landmarks, some looked official, and some had different fonts and colors.  I think the mixing of the different map styles enhanced the creative look and feel of the entire collage.

Map Collage Frame Bridal Shower Gift Idea @FoodMarriage

Lastly, in the largest opening, I took an outline of Pennsylvania with a purple background.  (One of Nicole’s wedding colors is purple and her living room has purple accent pillows!)  I inserted a heart onto the map where she and her fiancé bought their home, and wrote the name of their hometown, “Morgantown, PA.”  Not only did it turn out absolutely incredible, but Nicole actually cried when she opened it!!  I definitely succeeded with this gift!

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And stay tuned next Wednesday for a yummy Bridal Shower dessert idea!


xoxo, Food Marriage


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