Wedding Wednesday: Wishing Well for the Groom

Wishing wells have been a tradition at bridal showers for many years.  It is a way to wish the bride and groom good luck by tossing in little gifts, as if you would toss in coins to make a wish in a real wishing well.  The wishing well is typically in addition to the giving of other larger gifts.  It can be shaped like an actual well, or you can use something that might be more useful to the bride and groom.

Wishing Well for Groom Personalized Toolbox @FoodMarriage

For the shower that I just attended this past weekend, the wishing well was dedicated to the groom!  The bridesmaids decided to create and build a custom toolbox and personalized it with the couple’s last name.  It was large enough to fill with lots of little gifts and is something they can use later in their new home!  While they can certainly use it for tools if they like, they can also use it for decorative purposes too!!

Stay tuned next Wednesday to see what little gift I contributed to the wishing well!


xoxo, Food Marriage


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