Robert Irvine Commented on My Twitter Posts!

As a blogger, I definitely realize the power of social media.  After every post I write here on, I share a link to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  And then I’ll also pin any pictures from the post to Pinterest and upload a picture to Instagram.  I think social media is a great way to interact with my readers as well as reach different audiences!

On Saturday, I did what I normally do and shared my Restaurant Review of Hurley’s American Grille in Horsham, PA to my Twitter page.  I shared the link and basically said, “Review: Hurley’s American Grille in Horsham as seen on Restaurant Impossible.  Sorry Robert Irvine but I can’t recommend it.”  Imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning, checked my notifications, and got one that said “Robert Irvine replied to your Tweet!”  Seriously!?!?!?  Let me tell you, I felt SO cool!!!

Chef Robert Irvine

Chef Robert Irvine: Photo courtesy of

Not only did Robert Irvine reply once, but he wrote back a second time!!! Here’s the conversation:

How cool is that!?  First of all, I cannot believe that Robert Irvine commented on my Twitter post!  Second, he actually read my blog and the restaurant review I wrote!!!!  But the best part of all?  He did something with it!!!  He shared my review with the restaurant and set up a call with them that same day!  I am so happy that by reading my review, Robert Irvine is still helping Hurley’s American Grille.  I am glad to know that he continues to give them advice on the changes still needed to ensure success.

Thank you again, Chef Robert!  You certainly made my day with your response!! Seeing that you are still in contact with the restaurant gives me hope that they still have a chance to be successful!  (And makes me want to give dining there a second chance).  Knowing how much you truly care about your work is inspiring!!


xoxo, Food Marriage