Mom to Be Monday: We’re Expecting!

It’s been 7 long months since my last post. Kind of disappointing to me because I used to love updating the blog! But kind of exciting because there have been a few reasons why I haven’t posted recently…Mom to Be Monday: We're Expecting

Earlier this year I was enrolled in a 13 week course through Villanova University for Professional Human Resource Management. It was completely intense, required reading every night and really took up all of my free time. Afterwards, I signed up to take the PHR Exam which the course prepared me for, and happily passed in June!!!

Right in the middle of all of that classwork and exam prep, my husband and I got some other exciting news!!!!! WE’RE EXPECTING!!!!!  That’s right!  A little Baby Haggerty is on its way and we couldn’t be happier!!!

Needless to say, the first trimester was quite a new experience for me. I had heard you get really tired – but I wasn’t prepared for the exhaustion that I was about to experience. I would get home from work and literally be in bed 15 minutes later and be out for the night. I am counting myself lucky because I only got sick ONE time, but I was nauseous for a few weeks. Being nauseous combined with exhaustion lead to me literally not use the kitchen for a couple months straight. I didn’t necessarily have food cravings, but I did find myself craving a routine – one week I ate Froot Loops cereal every night for dinner for the entire week. (I don’t normally even eat cereal that much, so I have no idea where that came from!)

Now that I’m a little further along, my energy has returned, and I have been back in the kitchen too! When I started this blog, I always knew that Food Marriage would evolve with my life. It’s always been about Being Married, Having Fun, Loving Life, and Loving Food. Adding a baby to the mix is going to be so much fun for us, it will totally be the new love of our lives, and I’m sure we will spend every waking moment making sure it is fed and happy too! I am looking forward to sharing the journey!


xoxo, Food Marriage