How to Make a Baby Ladybug Halloween Costume!

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For my daughter’s first halloween, I knew I wanted to make hand make her costume! Nothing against store bought costumes, but I was just itching to do something creative! I originally wanted her to be a baby bumble bee after I saw this No Sew Bee Costume from Sugar Bee Crafts, However, when I went to the craft store, there was no bright yellow tulle to be seen. I saw bright red tulle and was sold on the idea of a little ladybug! I started right away on making Little M’s ladybug halloween costume!

How to make a homemade baby ladybug halloween costume for your little girl, complete with a ladybug painted pumpkin, red antennae headband, matching handmade mommy and me infinity scarves, and little ladybug wings |

With less than a week until Halloween, you can still make this easy costume if you want to! I paced myself by doing one piece of the costume each day until it was finished. Here’s what you’ll need to create this adorable baby halloween costume:

  1. Basic Black Clothes and Red Socks – Any plain black shirt and black leggings will do (Tip: Wal-Mart carries Garanimals brand clothing for babies and toddlers with mix and match separates – you can get exactly what you need at a great price – under $4 a piece!) I also picked up fuzzy red socks from Carter’s.
  2. Ladybug Wings – I was going to get red felt and then cut out black circles and glue them on, but I got lucky and found red felt that already had black dots on it the craft store. Score! I bought two pieces of felt, used a bowl from the kitchen to cut them into half-circles and then glued them together at the top with Tacky Glue. Once it was dry I used red thread and hand stitched the wings to the top of the black shirt.
  3. Tutu – I got black elastic, black tulle, and red tulle.  I followed the general idea from Sugar Bee Crafts of just hand-tying the tulle to the elastic band.  I did NOT use glitter tulle as I thought that was not a good idea for a 9-month old. I used regular matte tulle and bought one roll in each color (I used the 3-inch wide kind).
  4. Antennae Headband – Using leftover elastic that I had from the tutu waist band, I tied it in a little knot in the back to make a headband. I then took little red pom poms and stitched them on to the top with red thread.
  5. Mommy & Me Matching Red Infinity Scarves – I used to crochet a long time ago, but haven’t done it in years. I watched this Easy Crochet Infinity Scarf Tutorial on YouTube by Melanie Ham, and it came right back to me!! Her tutorial was just what I needed to get back in the swing of things and learn how to do an infinity scarf, which I had never done before. I made our scarves much smaller but the general pattern was the same with a half double crochet stitch. I wore a black shirt with my scarf to match my little one!
  6. A Pumpkin with Red & Black Acrylic Paint – We spent one night painting our pumpkin red with acrylic paint.  The next day, we painted the top black and added black polka dots with a round sponge brush.

Hand Painted Ladybug Pumpkin for Halloween with red and black acrylic paint. The perfect compliment to your little girl's costume or to your home decor. |

We were happy to get our little girl all dressed up for a party this past weekend. And we are even more excited to get two uses out of her costume this coming weekend for Halloween!


xoxo, Food Marriage


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  13. I wish I had been blogging during my son’s first Halloween and then I would actually have pictures. I was so terrible about pics back then and now he won’t cooperate with pics!

    • I’m trying to take as many pictures as I can! My plan is to make a “Family Yearbook” every year as a photo album, if I can actually make the time to get that done, it would be awesome!

  14. I remember one year I did a similar costume for myself–I had red and black felt already so made the wings and tacked them to the shoulders and sleeves of a black cardigan. It was great to wear for work that Halloween because everything else was just regular clothes. But I forgot that I was dressed up and it took me a minute to remember why people were looking at me funny when I met friends for lunch that day!

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