Fun Easter Centerpiece

Here’s something else that I am totally delayed with putting up here on Food Marriage, but it is so cute I couldn’t not share it!!  Another fun Easter idea to keep in mind for next year!!

Easter Centerpiece Idea with Peeps @FoodMarriage

My mom created this idea for an Easter centerpiece on her own (no she did not copy off something on Pinterest!)  Although, I have to say I will certainly be sharing this on Pinterest now! How creative is this!?

To make the centerpiece, she used a trifle bowl and a flower vase.  First she filled the trifle bowl with egg-shaped candies and then set the flower vase inside the trifle bowl.  She used flower foam from the craft store into the bottom of the vase and then inserted fresh pink tulips.  She then filled the vase with water to keep the flowers fresh.  Finally, she finished it off by lining the top of the trifle bowl with pink peeps!  LOVE this idea!!!!!

Thanks to my mom for letting me share her creativity here on Food Marriage!!


xoxo, Food Marriage