Engagement Gift Idea: Nora Roberts’ Bride Quartet Books!

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After my sister got engaged, I wanted to get her a fun present to congratulate her and get her excited for wedding planning! I decided to get her a set of four books from Nora Roberts: The Bride Quartet. They are a set of books that actually came out in 2010, around the time I was planning my wedding. I read all of the books and they were great!

Nora Roberts Savor the Moment Book @FoodMarriage

Me reading “Savor the Moment” by Nora Roberts while vacationing in Fort Lauderdale back in 2010.

I love Nora Roberts, and this is by far one of my favorite series written by her! The four books in this set are: Vision in WhiteBed of RosesSavor the Moment, and Happy Ever After. The series is about a group of four friends that start a wedding business together: one is a photographer, one is a florist, one is a baker, and one is the wedding planner. They have the perfect venue…an estate left by one of the girl’s parents. Each book is written from each of the different character’s perspectives. It is fresh and fun and of course, there are love stories in store for each of the girls. Once you read them, you also won’t be able to stop thinking about getting into the wedding business yourself!!

Nora Roberts Bride Quartet Books

You can buy the entire set of books electronically, OR you can buy the “old-fashioned” way and get the real books, which I opted to do for my sister. I got her the entire sent and just tied them up with a bit of kitchen twine for a nice presentation. They were the perfect gift to get her in the mood (and give her ideas!) for wedding planning!

What do you think of this as an engagement gift idea??


xoxo, Food Marriage

My Sister Got Engaged in Paris!

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This is SUPER old news for those of you that know our family personally (especially considering that my sister is already married now!), but it is new news to the other Food Marriage Blog readers out there. Since I took a little blogging hiatus for a bit while pregnant and after the birth of my baby girl…I figured now was as good a time as any to share!

Eiffel Tower Picture

Photo Courtesy of Zach Snyder

My younger sister got engaged in PARIS! I mean seriously, how romantic is that!?!? And it was at night, on a beautiful path, next to a park bench, under the lights of the Eiffel Tower. And somehow there were no crowds…it was just them. (Sounds like something straight out of a Meg Ryan movie from the 90’s!)

The reason I wanted to share is because as soon as she got engaged, I had a million ideas right away for her bridal shower! Clearly…it would have to have a Paris-theme to it. But wait until you see the twist I added to it! Stay tuned in the coming weeks on Wedding Wednesdays for lots of fun new bridal shower ideas and the most creative-theme I have ever come up with for a party!


xoxo, Food Marriage

Personalized Cutting Board – Great Bridal Shower Gift!

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Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday!! I love sharing all of the wedding-related ideas I have done myself or seen out at different events!

Whenever I have a bridal shower to go to, especially for a good friend, I try my best to give a unique gift and not just go off the registry. My friend Allison loves to bake, so because she spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I decided to get her something that could be both useful and decorative for her kitchen!

Custom Engraved Personalized Cutting Board

I found this personalized cutting board for her on Etsy from the Taylor Crafts Engraved shop. They have so many different styles, it was hard to choose!! But in the end I ended up going with a simple monogram style on a 12″ by 15″ cutting board with their names and wedding date. And then of course…what is a good gift without a great wrapping job?!

Cupcake Apron

Since Allison’s baking specialty is cupcakes, I found a really cute cupcake apron at Home Goods. I then wrapped the apron around the cutting board, tied it, and attached a personalized gift tag. It made an already special gift even more fun! She loved it!


xoxo, Food Marriage

Wedding Wednesday: Rent the Runway!

You know the feeling when a fancy event is coming up….you don’t want to wear something in your closet because you’ve already been photographed in it a million times.  And you don’t want to go shopping for something new that is going to break the bank, especially when you will only get a couple wears out of it anyway.  Rent the Runway will solve all of these problems!!!

Rent the Runway @FoodMarriage

Rent the Runway is a service that allows you to browse for dresses online and then rent them for either a 4-day rental period or an 8-day rental period.  It is perfect for weddings, special events, or even a night out on the town.  It allows you to get designer dresses for a fraction of the price (and you don’t even have to deal with a dry cleaning bill!)

Rent the Runway Halston Heritage Dress @FoodMarriage

I recently tried out Rent the Runway’s service for the first time and had a great experience!  I rented a dress to wear to my friend Nicole’s wedding.  After browsing through many beautiful dresses, I decided on a fun and flowy one-strap dress by Halston Heritage called the Tidal Wave dress.  It was a bright royal blue color and I loved it!  The dress would typically retail for $295 and I rented it for just $75.

Rent the Runway Halston Heritage Dress @FoodMarriage

The Rent the Runway website is really easy to use, allowing you to search by style, color, type of event, and more.  There are a good number of customer reviews for each dress, which helps figuring out if the dress runs true to size or if the color is actually as it appears in the photos.   When you place your order, they actually send you TWO sizes so you are sure to have the best fit possible!  Returning the dress was also a breeze – they send a pre-paid padded envelope.  All you need to do is put everything into the envelope and drop it off at a UPS store!  I will definitely be using Rent the Runway again for my next big event!

Disclosure: I was not asked to write a review of Rent the Runway…I just love their service and wanted to endorse them! All opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.


xoxo, Food Marriage

Wedding Wednesday: Congress Hall themed Cake Pops for a Rehearsal Dinner!

I love the opportunity to get creative!!  I recently made cake pops for a couple’s rehearsal dinner. Their wedding was being held at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ.  Congress Hall is America’s oldest seaside resort (they opened in 1816!)  They have an iconic ballroom with Tiffany Blue walls and a black and white checkerboard floor, and it is the prefect setting for a glamorous wedding!

Congress Hall Ballroom

Congress Hall Ballroom: Photo Courtesy of CapeResorts.com

To capture the magic of Congress Hall, the cake pops that I made for the couple’s rehearsal dinner were themed to match the decor of the wedding venue.  I made them black and white with accents of Tiffany Blue!  I even used Edible Ink markers to add the couple’s monogram to the cake pops!

Congress Hall Themed Cake Pops (Black and White with Tiffany Blue Accents) for a Rehearsal Dinner @FoodMarriage

This was also my biggest cake pop job to date!!  135 cake pops!!!  I needed to use three display boxes!  I used one large wooden box with a chalkboard front and then used two smaller ones for off to the side.  I was SO proud of these cake pops!!!!!!

Congress Hall Themed Cake Pops (Black and White with Tiffany Blue Accents) for a Rehearsal Dinner @FoodMarriage


xoxo, Food Marriage