Food Marriage Featured on Philly Grub!!

I am so excited to share that The Food Marriage Blog has been featured on Philly Grub!

Philly Grub Food Blog Logo

Philly Grub is a Philly-based food blog that covers the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey.  They cover different events, showcase restaurant reviews, and they recently started this really cool series called “Behind the Blog” where they feature other Philadelphia-based food blogs! I am LOVING this series because it is introducing me to so many new local blogs to follow! And not to mention that they featured Food Marriage on their 4th edition of the series!!

Philadelphia Food Blog - Behind the Blog- BA Haggerty of Food Marriage

A portion of Philly Grub’s Article “Behind the Blog: BA Haggerty of Food Marriage”

The article highlights some basic things, like the blog focus of Food Marriage, but they also asked me some really great questions like, “What do you like best about blogging?” “What is your favorite food blogging experience so far?” and  “What are your favorite Philly-area restaurants?” I had a fun time answering Philly Grub’s interview questions…and it really got me thinking about how I want to grow the blog and what direction I want to take it in the future!  Thanks again for featuring me, Philly Grub!

Read the full story here on Philly Grub: “Behind the Blog: BA Haggerty of Food Marriage.”


xoxo, Food Marriage

The Food Marriage Blog Soon to be Back in Action!

Food Marriage Back in Action

Okay! For real this time….Food Marriage is soon to be back in action!!! Yes, I admit, there’s been a lull in blog activity lately, but certainly not a lull in my life!! As you may know from a previous post, my husband and I were expecting! We recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world! Since she arrived, we have spent every moment possible with her! As I get ready to return back to work at my real job, I figured now was a good time to get back into my blogging routine as well. I always did do best when multitasking!

Stay tuned for lots of fun new posts – I have a lot of things saved up for Wedding Wednesdays! I’ve made some delicious new recipes in the past few months. AND now that I have a baby, I guess I can say I’m a Mommy Blogger now too!! Time to incorporate some baby posts!! YAY!


xoxo, Food Marriage

Don’t Miss out on Center City Restaurant Week!

There’s still time to make reservations!!  Center City Philadelphia’s Restaurant Week, which is actually TWO weeks long, started last week and runs through Friday, January 31.  If you aren’t already out there tonight…you still have four days left to hit up some of the great restaurants on the list!

Philadelphia Center City Restaurant Week Logo 2014

Whether you are looking for a cool atmosphere, new and unique flavors, or simply a great deal at a typically pricy establishment, you can find it here!  With over 100 participating restaurants on the list, there is definitely something for everyone!

What restaurants would you recommend?


xoxo, Food Marriage

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year: Food Marriage is BACK!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year…and all that jazz.  I know I totally just missed out on the biggest blogging season of the year for food bloggers.  And while I haven’t blogged in two months, which is SO unlike me, surprisingly Food Marriage is still getting just as much traffic as before and continues to gain new Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram followers every day! Thank you to all of my new followers!!!

Food Marriage Social Media Logo

Anyway, there is a reason for my two month blogging leave of absence.  I got a new job!!  Yes, it’s true blogging is not my primary commitment…although at times I will say I wish I was as knowledgeable about some of my other blog friends about how to make money from blogging!  If you’ve ready my About Me page, you know that I am a Recruiter.  I recently pushed myself out of my comfort zone, took a huge leap, applied for a position in a new organization, and got the job!!!  Change has proved to be such a good thing for me and I have been so excited to pour myself into new work!

Now that things have settled a bit, I am ready to re-commit myself to Food Marriage, to my readers, and more importantly to commit to myself and my husband to start eating better!  We have spent many nights eating cheese and crackers or chips for dinner, simply because things were so busy and we didn’t want to cook (or do the dishes afterwards!)

I still have a bunch of old content to share with you, like finishing up sharing some of the recipes from the Ina Garten Themed Dinner Party I threw (OMG from back in September!), sharing some great restaurants I’ve been to recently, AND of course sharing the cookie recipes from the annual girls’ cookie exchange!!  Stay tuned…it’s gonna be a great year!


xoxo, Food Marriage

Online Ordering & Restaurant Meal Delivery through

Everyone knows I love to cook, but there are definitely times I am pressed for time or don’t feel like making a mess in the kitchen.  It’s times like those that my husband and I turn to our favorite take out menus!  We really only ever used to order from our two favorite places: Tonellis’ Pizza and Horsham Chinese.  We always ordered from these two because we were familiar with their menus, but also because we never really knew which other places around us deliver! Logo

I was recently made aware of a new website,  The website compiles menus from restaurants that offer delivery service, puts them all together in one place, and allows you to place your order online!  No more junk drawer overflowing with wrinkled menus!!!  And no more having to call and go over your order several times on the phone to make sure it is correct!!! Yay!!! started business in the beginning of 2013 and are nationwide.  They began adding Pennsylvania restaurants in July 2013.  Currently, there are about 2,000 restaurants listed for PA!  There is a stronger concentration in major cities, but they are always actively working to add more into the suburbs as well.  And if you ever look for your favorite restaurant that you know delivers and it is not listed, all you need to do is send a quick email to, they will contact the restaurant to get them listed!

Here are my favorite things about the service:

  • Shows Restaurants that Will Deliver Specifically to Your Location: Put in your address and the website will pull up all restaurants that are willing to deliver to you.  This was exciting for me because there were restaurants that I did not even know had delivery and now I do!  Also, there were some restaurants that I had just assumed were too far away to deliver to me, but they actually did deliver!  This could also be helpful if someone is new to a particular area.
  • Online Ordering: So many things can get lost in translation.  Nobody wants to play whisper down the lane with their dinner!  Ordering online eliminates any confusion over the phone and makes sure that nothing is missed.  You can completely review your order before you place it.
  • Menu Descriptions: Not sure what the “New Yorker Hoagie” includes?  If the restaurant provides it, when you click on the menu item, a description may pop up, “Turkey Breast, swiss cheese, cole slaw, and russian dressing.”
  • Write-In Fields: Let’s say you are ordering Cheese Fries, but you don’t want them to be drippy and soggy when they arrive at your house, so you want the cheese on the side.  And let’s say you want an Italian Hoagie but you want to take off the onions and add sweet peppers.  For each menu item that you choose, there is a “Special Instructions” box that pops up that you can write in any details you want.
  • Excellent Customer Service: I ran into a situation where a restaurant no longer offered an item that was on their menu.  My first order through was to Ralph’s of Philly, located in Willow Grove, PA.  I originally placed an order for a “Monster” size pizza, which is bigger than the “Large.”  Unfortunately, the restaurant no longer makes pizzas in that size.  The restaurant contacted BringMeThat’s representative immediately and the representative reached out directly to me to see if I would be okay with switching my pizza to a large.   The individual was extremely friendly and explained that the menus are uploaded automatically to the website, and it is up to the restaurant to contact them if they change their menus.

Overall, I had a great experience using and I would certainly recommend it to friends and family.  I would also definitely use it again, too!  And here’s an added tip: If you follow on Facebook, they will give you $5 off your first order!!

Disclosure: I did receive a meal from for the purpose of this review and I am being compensated to help spread the word about’s service.  All opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.


xoxo, Food Marriage