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BA Haggerty is the recipe developer, food photographer, and creator of FoodMarriage, a food blog based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. She is a former healthcare recruiter and mom of 3 girls. Since 2011, BA has been helping busy moms make easy recipes that their whole family will love!

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  1. Heather

    Made this tonight and it definitely took more than four minutes to get brown. It took eighteen minutes all together to get toasted, but it wasnt that golden brown. We could barely taste the garlic in it too. I will for sure make it again, just I will adjust the heat up on the oven a little bit and add more garlic powder.

    • BA Haggerty

      Thanks for the comment! If the oven is at the right temperature it should only take about eight minutes total (four on one side, flip, then four on the other side). Were you sure to fully pre-heat the oven before putting the bread in? If you put the bread in before it is fully heated, it will definitely take longer.

  2. Lindsay hood

    i too am trying this and the bread is in the oven and just for one side is already taking 8+ minutes. My oven was at 350 when I started.

    • BA Haggerty

      Hi Lindsay! Maybe try turning up the heat to 400° ? Also – the bread does not necessarily have to turn golden-brown; feel it to see if it feels toasted…if so you can take it out even if it’s not golden.

  3. Jane

    Tried it! Really good stuff. My husband likes the bread more crunchy and the butter less wet so i left it in for about 10 min without flipping. Thank you!


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