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BA Haggerty is the recipe developer, food photographer, and creator of FoodMarriage, a food blog based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. She is a former healthcare recruiter and mom of 3 girls. Since 2011, BA has been helping busy moms make easy recipes that their whole family will love!

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  1. margo

    I made these for a St. Patrick’s day party last year, and yes, they are a ton of work. But they were the most coveted food dish that I served. I wish I had doubled the recipe because they were gone so fast. In my opinion, they are totally worth the time and effort to make them. I make lamb stew every year for St. Patrick’s Day, and I would traditionally serve it with sourdough rounds, but these rolls are my new staple. They are amazingly good.

    • BA Haggerty

      Thanks for your comment, Margo! My traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal to make is Corned Beef and Cabbage, but a Lamb Stew with a side of the Beer Pretzel rolls sounds delicious!! I haven’t done my shopping yet for the weekend – so there’s still time to plan a different meal for the holiday!

  2. Kristy

    Hi there! These look fantastic! Quick question–do you think I could make the dough the day before and refeigerate either after the first or second rise, and then take then out to rise and bake the next day? I’ve had success doing that with other doughs, that I’ve never tried one like this. Can’t wait to see how these turn out!


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